He Who Speaks in Tongues Edifies Himself
GWEA Monthly Message for August 2019
As a Pastor, I have  been puzzled by Paul's comment, "He who speaks in a tongues language edifies himself" (1 Cor. 14:4). I knew that the Greek work for edification refers to "building a building or renewing a building but I overlooked the rest of the definition which means "to bring healing to a person." So I know that if we prayed for the healing of somebody, first by praying with their own national language plus the tongues language with the Holy Spirit gives to us, people could receive healing for whatever sickness or injury that they had. We are told in several places in the New Testament that the Gift of Speaking in tongues (languages) is the first thing that we are to receive with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Mk. 16:17-18; Acts 2:2-4; 38; 4:4).
But like many other Pastors, I did not understand how this healing ministry happens. When I had my first heart attack in 1973, my doctor's prognosis was the possibility of dying within 2 years. I prayed with my "tongues language" whenever I experienced pain in my heart. Then one day after conducting a funeral in a nearby town, as I began to drive home, I experienced the pain in my heart and I drove straight to the hospital. After I was examined by the doctors, I was told that my heart was perfect! The work of the Holy Spirit had healed me! I knew that it had something to do with the healing work of the Holy Spirit.
The question that I have carried for many years is "How does the Holy Spirit work such healing miracles?" Recently, I discovered the answer... Dr. Carl R. Peterson, M.D. conducted a study at ORU (Oral Roberts University) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being a brain specialist, he was doing research on the relationship between the brain and praying or speaking in tongues. He found that as we pray in the Spirit (or heavenly language), "the brain releases 2 chemical secretions that are directed into our immune systems giving a 35 to 40 percent boost to the immune system. This promotes healing within our bodies. Amazingly, the secretion is triggered from a part of the brain that has no other apparent activity in humans and is only activated by our Spirit-led prayer and worship."
"Now science has proved this process and you and I can turn this healing process on by our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Just one more great reason to be filled with the Holy Spirit and commune with the Father in your heavenly tongues language. According to the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Apostle Paul: 'He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself' (1 Cor. 14:4). We always thought of edification as only a spiritual education, which is great and always needed, but Christian psychiatrist Carl R. Peterson, M.D. describes a physical edification also! Isn't God amazing?"

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