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Ministry Message for November 2016

New Covenant replaces the Seven Festivals/Feasts of the Old Testament. 

The Old Covenant is finished and has long passed. The New Covenant is in blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord, who made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross of Calvary for all the sins of the world (Jn 15:13). "The Lord's Supper" (1 Cor. 11:23) replaces the seven sacrificial Festivals/Feasts of the Old Testament." 
To practice these feasts today is to deny Jesus' life, death and resurrection. With the coming of Jesus Christ, the Jews or those who celebrate these festivals are destined to lose or be "cut off" from salvation (Rom. 11:22, Pet. 1:19).  


Ministry Articles for November 2016  

He was Healed with 10W30 motor oil! 
Healing has always been apart of God's Covenant with us. James encourages those who are sick to be anointed with oil by the elders of the church so they will be healed. It is an act of obedience. James makes it very clear that "the Lord will raise him up."
Are you Sheep or a Goat?
Jesus tells us to give food to the hungry, but also to give salvation, which is the "the bread of life." The physically thirsty need water; but we must also give the "living water," of the Holy Spirit. We must give clothes to the naked, but we must also offer the new white "robes of righteousness."  
The Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The church in Rome had a good reputation, and so Paul wanted to go and visit those believers and have fellowship with them. He prayed for them, "without ceasing," that God might let him visit them. It was his desire to impart some spiritual gifts to them.

Ministry Report for November 2016

Help Us to Equip the Saints for Ministry (Eph. 4:12)
When Jesus had an unexpected visit from Nicodemus he asked him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do, unless God is with him” (Jn. 3:2). What he was really asking was, “What must I do to be saved?” 
Cow gets Healed from Veterinarian`s Prayer (Lk. 18:27)
I received this praise report from one of our House Church Leaders: “A non-Christian client came into the clinic today when I wasn’t there and told the other associate (non-Christian) vet and the office manager (Christian) about the fact that... 
Don`t let Anybody rob you of the initial Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)
At a meeting in a church in Richmond, British Columbia, a man wearing a Boy Scout Leader’s uniform came for prayer. I asked him, “What would you like to have prayer for?” He responded, “I have a problem with your statement that you believe that tongues is for every Christian. Did not the apostle Paul say, 'Do all speak in tongues? Do all prophesy?' meaning that tongues is not for everybody?” 

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