GWEA Monthly Ministry Report: June 2014


Rev. Gordon Williams, Evangelist


At the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Sudbury, ON, a woman in her 30’s accompanied by two friends came for prayer. I asked her, "What would you like to have prayer for?” She answered, "I don’t know!” So, I asked, "Have you received salvation?” She answered, "Yes!” I asked, "Have you received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” "No! My pastor said that I’m not the kind of person who can receive the Holy Spirit” she said.” Her 2 friends had been told the same thing. I said, "Your pastor is wrong!” Peter said, Whoever calls on the name of the Lord can receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 21, 38 – 39). I asked all 3 women, "Are you a "WHOEVER”? They all said, "Yes!” I asked them "Would you ‘Whoevers’ like to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They agreed. I prayed with them and all began to speak in tongues (Acts 2: 4; 19: 6).


At "H.I.S Ministries” where the Pastors are Maurie & Karen Zushman, in Millet, AB a man in his 60’s explained that he had suffered a heart attack and his heart was unstable so he needed prayer for healing. I asked him if he had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit yet and he had not. I explained that he needed to be baptized with the Holy Spirit so that Jesus could show him His plan for his life. But also, when the Holy Spirit filled his heart, He gives "springs of living water” (Rev. 7: 17), and therefore, the Holy Spirit would begin to heal his heart as he prayed in his tongues language (1 Cor. 14: 14) and received prayer with the laying on of hands (MK. 16: 17), just as Jesus healed my heart. "He said, "Then I need the Holy Spirit!” We prayed and he received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. Later, he called me, after seeing his doctor to report, "Jesus healed my heart, just as He healed your heart.”
After hearing me on a replay of the Richard Syrette Radio Show which was about exorcism, a first year student at Osgoode Law School at York University came to see me. He explained that there was something strange going on inside him. Perhaps, he thought that he needed deliverance of some kind. The more he tried to follow the Scriptures, the more he failed (Rom. 7: 13 – 35). I asked if he had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit yet. He thought that he had received the Holy Spirit when he became a believer. Many people mistake the forgiveness of sin for the Holy Spirit. I explained that it was necessary to have the "Signs following” (Mk. 16: 17 – 18). Then I prayed with him with the laying on of hands and he cautiously began to speak in tongues. I was able to give him the interpretation of his tongues language. He asked me if it was alright to kneel while praying since that was how he usually prayed. I told him, "Of course, you can! You can pray standing, sitting, kneeling, laying down, driving a car.” He told me, "I certainly feel different and I hear a different voice speaking to me inside of me. I asked him, "What church are you involved in?” Cautiously, he said, "Roman Catholic”. I explained that I work with all church denominations. I also told him about my friend Fr. Bob MacDougall, my Jesuit friend with whom I have done ministry.” He exclaimed, "A Jesuit is baptized with the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues!” I reminded him that on the Day of Pentecost Peter said, "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved…..and you shall receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2: 21, 38)."God shows no partiality” (Rom. 2: 11).
At a Christian Business Men’s Fellowship (BMF) meeting in Napanee, a husband and wife in their 50’s said, "We have been Christians for many years but we have never received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. We prayed and they both began to speak in tongues (Acts 2: 4). "We’ve waited a long time for this,” she said.
"IT WAS ALRIGHT!” (LK. 11: 13)
At a service at a church in Toronto, two teenage girls who were friends were standing together. One explained, "We are friends and we would like to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. Would that be alright?” I said, "Of course that would be alright! But, first you need to receive Salvation to ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Would that be alright?” They agreed. They were holding hands with each other as they prayed with me for Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began speaking in their new tongues languages (Acts 19: 6).


When Jesus visited Gordon, He invited him to do three things: 1. "I want you to come and work for me. 2. I want you to become a fisher of men. 3. If you will come and work with me, I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory.” Gordon didn’t understand the implications because he had never read the story of Jesus’ invitation to Peter and Andrew who were fishermen when Jesus said to them, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4: 19). What he discovered was that there is a "spiritual fishing for people” that is done by preaching the Gospel to people so they can have the opportunity to have Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, receive healing and deliverance. Fishing for people is a life-changing experience for both the fishermen\fisherwomen and the fish (people) because there is no other "religion” or "hope” that can be found on the face of the earth than by or through Jesus Christ.

Jesus has given this exciting "sport” a new "spiritual application” for reaching people. We know that not everybody is called by Jesus to leave their homes and work occupations” as an evangelist, who travels across Canada, the USA & to other countries. Gordon is not only an Evangelist but he also equips people to be witnesses who tell other people what Jesus has done for them. And, as all fishermen like to do when they catch fish, they boast about their catches…..which means that we Christians boast about the Jesus Christ and what He has done both in others & our lives. Paul wrote, "Let him who boasts, boast of the LORD” (1 Cor. 1: 31).

If you would like to be a member of Gordon’s "Fishing--for--People--Crew” pray and ask Jesus what you can do to help him. He does not set any fees for his ministry so he is available to accept invitations from any church of any size in any country in the world. Please pray for Gordon and financial help to accomplish the ministry to which Jesus has called him. Ask Jesus what you can do to accomplish this great work. Then, fill in "The Special Offering Card” (opposite side of "The Prayer Card) & return it in the self-addressed envelope. We have "Pay Pal” on our Web Page if you wish to use Credit Cards. Cheques and Money Order should be made out to "The Gordon Williams Evangelistic Ass’n” or simply "G.W.E.A.” Help make a catch for Jesus (Rev. 7: 9 – 10).


In a church in Peterborough, ON a strange looking young man in his mid-20 whose face and Body had become distorted through bad nutrition and drug addiction, responded to my invitation for prayer. He explained, "I want to get set free from drugs to follow Jesus.” I explained to him that he needed, not only to be saved but also to receive the Holy Spirit so the Holy Spirit could replace his need for drugs which was really what Jesus called a "hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matt. 5: 6).This need cannot be satisfied with drugs or anything else but the Holy Spirit. He agreed and I prayed for him with the laying on of hands to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and he fell to the floor (Is. 28: 13)speaking in tongues (Acts 2: 4): . He came back the next morning to tell me, "I slept a good sleep & lost my desire to drink & use drugs (2 Cor. 5: 17).


"BRING THE CHILDREN” (MATT. 19: 13 – 15)
At the Prayer Palace in Toronto, ON, two little 5 years old girls came for prayer holding hands. They were encouraged by an older girl. I asked, "What would you like me to pray for you?” They were very shy and didn’t know what to answer. I asked them, "Would you like Jesus to fill your hearts with the Holy Spirit?” Both quietly said, "Yes”. I had them sit beside me on the altar steps. Then, I laid my hands on their heads. I asked them to pray with me, "Dear Jesus,please forgive me for the bad things I have done. Please fill my heart with the Holy Spirit so I can speak in the special language you have for me.” I asked both of them to start speaking in the special language (Acts 2: 4). They were a little hesitant. I realized that their eyes were open and they were being distracted by the people around them. So, I suggested, "It would be easier if you closed your eyes.” They did and both began to speak in tongues easily and clearly.
"WE PRAY FOR YOU ALWAYS” (2 THESS. 1: 11- 12 )
Please send your needs on "The Prayer Card”, email or phone. We pray for family, health problems, business and finances, healing, spiritual welfare, friends, church, etc. Jesus still does "signs, wonders and miracles using the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are distributed to us according to his own will” (Heb. 2: 4).