GWEA Monthly Ministry Report, August 2019
Praise Report from Dr. Brent McLaughlin: "Once I was called to look at a goat and a horse with skin problems. After my examination of the goat, I gave my client the best diagnosis and treatment plan. Prior to treating the goat, I asked her if she would like me to pray for the goat's healing. She agreed and was very grateful that I would even offer to pray. I prayed for her goat's healing, first in English, and then in tongues. She inquired what the words meant at the end of my prayer. (This is very common for people to question about tongues, and a great opportunity for ministry to happen.)
I explained about speaking in tongues languages and how it first happened in the Bible on the Day of Pentecost. She was very excited since she had just started attending a Pentecostal church. I prayed with her for the gift of tongues and she struggled a bit at first. I asked her to pray along in tongues with me while praying for her horse's skin condition. As I finished praying, first in English and then in tongues, she broke out in a fluent, beautiful "tongues" language. I was able to interpret her tongues and give her the Lord's message. Since then she has grown in her faith as well as her gift of tongues, and attends several of our house churches, namely in Fenelon Falls and Beaverton." 
We need to be constantly reminded about what Apostle Paul said in Philippians' 4:19: "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” This scripture talks about "looking after all the necessities (needs) of this life." Things such as Salvation, receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, getting food, clothing, household and business expenses, healing, deliverance, etc., anything that is necessary to serve Jesus Christ.  
I remember a 13 year old girl who once came to me and asked, “Do you think Jesus would fix my teeth?” As we prayed together, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Jesus fixed her teeth. Because of her miracle, her dentist also received Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and healing for his back! When God heals us, we are proof of his amazing grace! 
This is the reason why we invite you to send in your needs: personal, family, friends, acquaintances, business, church and health needs so we can pray for you. If you need prayer, please email your prayer requests or by posting to our "Facebook Prayer Group Page".
And when Jesus has met your needs, please let us know so we can praise Him along with you and "give thanks with a grateful heart!” We invite you to send in your praise reports and testimonies in a "Thank You Jesus Report." This way many others can be encouraged and be ministered to as well (Rev 12:11). Email your praise reports online through our web page. Jesus still does, "signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his own will” (Heb. 2:4). He wants to supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philip. 4:19).
As Jesus said to His first believers, He now says to us who believe, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation (people). He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mk. 16:15–16). We are not left as orphans, Jesus provided the "signs, wonders and miracles" necessary to complete His great commission. He said, "..these signs will follow those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues (languages), they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover” (Mk. 16:17–18). When the “signs, wonders and miracles” are present in our witnessing and ministry, people are drawn to Jesus in multitudes, more than we can count.
Today, many want to know Jesus (as their personal Saviour and Lord) and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the promise of eternal Life. Church surveys prove that the most effective method for reaching the unsaved is by “personal witnessing” and by “preaching the Gospel.” The Book of Acts outlines the perfect model for success in reaching the "unsaved" person. That is the purpose of our ministry: Salvation and "equipping the saints to serve Jesus Christ for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12). It is that simple! More than any time in history, people are waiting to be harvested into the Kingdom of God.
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Praise Report from Tina Fischer: While traveling back to visit family and friends in Ontario, I came across my friend who the Lord used to arrange my transportation and accommodation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I initially started my U.S. Cycling4Jesus trip 5 years ago. I shared how God had protected me as I cycled from place to place, witnessing and praying for people.
I explained how important is was that the Holy Spirit was my guide, and how I depended on hearing His voice daily. Being the owner of a travel company and an avid bicycle rider himself, he understood the importance to having an experienced travel guide. I asked him if he wanted to be guided by Jesus as well. He said yes. I laid hands on him, and together we prayed the Salvation prayer. Then I prayed in my tongues language. After several minutes went by, the Holy Spirit gave me a message. I spoke out God's message to him and He listened intently. He stood still, was silent, and his eyes remaining closed the entire time. I continued to pray in tongues over him.
Then suddenly, I heard him make a grunting sound while the Holy Spirit had moved upon him. I told him that this was the sound of the Holy Spirit coming from within him, and that He wanted to give him the spiritual gift of tongues so he too could be edified and have direct communication with God. Again he said yes. I prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as He remained quiet and still. His tongues language was faint and soft at first, but as he continued, his voice became louder and louder. It was beautiful! Then the Lord gave me the interpretation of his tongues: "Do not be discouraged my son... trust in me... I will guide you... I will send people into your path to help you... seek me often...!" I could even see the transformation on his face - before prayer he seemed agitated and unsettled, but after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, he was calm, peaceful, and full of joy! (Rom. 12:2; Neh. 8:10) Then he finally opened his eyes, and his face lit up with a smile as he said, "Thank you for introducing me to my Saviour, Jesus!"
David had suffered from arthritis for many years and Jesus healed him from his painful inflammation. We prayed together and he received Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the proof of speaking in tongues. (Jn. 3:5; Acts 2:4; Mk. 16:17–18. ) He sent me his written testimony: “...I have had the opportunity twice to minister to people who caused me a great amount of trouble for many years.  Now that I am Spirit-filled, instead of anger building up inside of me, all I want to do is to help them! I can see how broken these two people were, and the pathway of destruction they are on for themselves and their families. Now I want them to be baptised in the Holy Spirit  as well and have them follow God’s pathway for the rest of their lives.” David.

Do you have questions about the Holy Spirit and need answers? Do you need prayer for Salvation and/or for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? I invite you to come to one of our house meetings or contact me for prayer and guidance.

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