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Waiting on the Holy Spirit. The Successful Marriage.

Some may think that "waiting on the Holy Spirit" is old-fashioned. Allowing the Holy Spirit to move in our lives means a relationship - listening to Him and acting like a trained cheetah, on command. That is what it takes for both a husband and wife if they want to be in unity in every issue that arises in a marriage.

God brings people together as they submit to Him. It isn't about surrendering to one another - but to Jesus. He shows us God's plan for each situation, including children. They too, can love, forgive and encourage other children, and pray and minister for their parents.

Once we receive the Holy Spirit, He is with us all the time if we allow Him to be. The Holy Spirit takes up permanent residence and is always on call, twenty four - seven, so that when we need Him, He is always there.

"Waiting on the Holy Spirit", (a commonly used Christian phrase), applies to all issues or situations where there may not be unity. From purchasing a car to furniture; clothes, house, to disciplining children - there is nothing too small that He does not want to help us with.

However, some people think that all they need to do is to pray, sit around, and wait for Jesus to bring a house or a job into their hands. Occasionally, this might happen; but most often we have to give our faith feet, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, go out and knock on doors, make inquiries, allowing Him to give us guidance and direction as we go. As we submit to Him, He will direct us to the place where we need to go and where our needs will be met.

When Abraham was being led by God to a new country, it was said of him:

"By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, now knowing where he was going" (Hebrews 11:8).

We need to live like Abraham in our families today and be willing to go out prayerfully under the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day so that we can cooperate with Him in order to have our needs met. 


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