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How to identify Authentic Christians The Signs-Producing Spirit
"And these signs will accompany those who believe..." (Mark 16:15-20)
Jesus tells us how we can identify authentic Christians. He says we are walking sign-boards after we have become born again and are Baptized both in water and with the Holy Spirit. These developments result in signs (like trademarks or logos) which show the world that we are saved people who are prepared to give directions to others so that they can find Jesus.
The first sign of the true believer is the authority to cast demons out of people who have been possessed and set them free.
The second sign is the supernatural ability to speak in new tongues or new languages that we have never learned - thus demonstrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives.
The third sign is the evidence of Jesus' protection demonstrated by immunity to the effect of deadly serpents or poisoned drink.
The fourth sign is the healing of sick people as a result of laying hands on them and praying for their healing enabling God to use us a conduits for His healing touch. These exciting supernatural signs are available for all believers to experience.  


Holy Spirit, please show me how to minister to other people so that Jesus can confirm His Word with the "signs following". Amen.

Excerpt from Rev. Gordon Williams', "SPIRIT-LED DAYS - DAY BY DAY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT."


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