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Did Jesus speak in tongues?

Did Jesus speak in tongues?

Yes, of course He did, and He still does. He speaks in all the 7,111 languages that are spoken on the earth today. And through this unique sign of speaking in tongues (Mk. 16:17) as Jesus said, or as Paul said, “the gift of other national languages”, Jesus gives His church the ability to reach every language in the world. If you have never received the real Baptism of the Holy Spirit, come to one of our meetings or contact me, and I will pray with you to receive the Holy Spirit with the signs (Mk. 16:17-18) of authenticity and you will have the proof that your salvation is secure (Eph. 1:13-14).     


If you, your family and/or friends would like to receive either Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, a Gift of the Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, etc., I invite you come to one of our house meetings or contact me. May God bless you richly with His Spirit!

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