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Why are my Prayers not answered? God's New Prayer (Communications) System

Did you ever notice that most people pray only when they are in the midst of a real crisis? They tell me that they don't want to bother Him with the small decisions. Often they'll wait until they have big problems. And then when they finally do get around to asking Jesus for help, they want to make a deal with Him, a promise to change, or a vow to do something for Him in return if He would only answer their prayer. I found the most effective way to pray is to ask Jesus for direction and guidance even in the small things. Why wait for them to turn into disasters and then pray?

It is our sin that gets in the way of our prayers being answered. We believe that because we live a good, clean life and help others, that we are essentially "good" people. The Bible says in Romans 3:12 that "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God".  God loves us but he hates sin, and the terms in the New Testament cannot be changed. (1 Cor. 4:6). This means that each one of us must come to know Jesus personally and no one can repent or pay for someone else's sins. Only Jesus is the "sacrificial lamb" (1 Pet. 1:19) and paid for the sins of the world on the Cross of Calvary (Jn. 19:30).     

Prayer is a way of life and it describes a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The typical personal prayer is to either ask God to do something or to ask God to supply a specific need. Have you prayed and nothing has happened? Why is this?

First, a major problem arises when people who attempt to pray, have never repented and asked for the forgiveness of sin. Even when we have received Salvation, sin can still stand in the way of our prayers getting answered. Second, people who claim to be believers, have not yet received the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit", which Jesus tells us is an essential part of the Salvation package.

"And when they were gathered together, He commanded them: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift the Father promised, which you have heard Me discuss. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 1:4-5)

When you receive the Holy Spirit as Jesus described throughout the Book of Acts, you receive a "new [spiritual] heart from which rivers of living water flow" (Jn. 7:38) as well as the spiritual gift of "tongues", a new way to communicate with God.

"And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues..." (Mk. 16:17) 

Paul described "tongues" as the gift of National languages. When the Holy Spirit-given language is received and used by the believer as they pray (Eph. 6:18), they enter into a new dimension of prayer allowing the Holy Spirit to direct and guide them towards meeting their needs. Paul explains this when he writes,

"What am I to do [How should I pray]?
I will pray with the Spirit [God given tongues] and
I will pray with my mind [your natural language];
I will sing with the Spirit [God given tongues] and
I will sing with the mind [your natural language]... (1 Cor. 14:15)

Paul tells us when we pray, we ought to pray aloud in "tongues" (in the spirit) and then again in our native or natural language (coming from our minds). Our natural language refers to the language we learned as a child. He even tells us that we can sing in the spirit as well. C.S. Lewis referred to this new dimension of praying in tongues as "transposition", a musical term used for changing music to a different key or tonality. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit changes the way we pray, and transforms prayer into a new way of communicating with God.

How many times have you wondered if your prayers will get answered? After receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, prayer is no longer a guessing game. "Tongues" is God's New Prayer (Communications) System. When we pray daily with our mind and with our Holy Spirit given "tongues" language, we get direction, guidance, and healing directly from the Holy Spirit. Prayer becomes an exciting part of our lives and we can look forward to what Jesus will do and say! 


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Rev. Gordon Williams
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Visit this link for more exciting GWEA Ministry Articles.

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