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Stir up the Gift of God. The Spirit of Laying On Of Hands

"Hence I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you through the laying on of my hands"  (2 Timothy 1: 1-6).
We all need to be reminded to rekindle our gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially tongues.  When we don't use our gifts, anxiety shows up. Because the Holy Spirit is not an aggressive intruder who attempts to dominate and control our lives, He is easily ignored.  

His respectful gentlemanliness makes it easy for insensitive Christians to forget that he is there, quietly waiting to be our Counselor. Because He is purposefully transparent, wanting people to see Jesus, we often forget, in the midst of our hectic lives, that He is just a whisper away.
We stir up the gift of God through the laying on of hands, and develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit by talking with Him, consulting Him, and generally seeking His direction about the will of Jesus or the Father for us.  

Being in tune with the Holy Spirit requires seeking solutions through prayer for problems both personally and in our churches. He has the answers to our questions. He will never tell us anything that is not Scriptural. We develop a deeper relationship with Him through using the gifts of the Holy Spirit in obedience and according to His timing.


Holy Spirit, please refresh my friendship with You, so that as I use my spiritual gifts, I can serve Jesus more fully. Amen.

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