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God gives us Vision. The Spirit Who Gives Visions

"And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision..."  (Acts 18:5-17).
When we are willing to serve Jesus as Paul did, we will be expected to receive direction and guidance from Jesus at any time, in a variety of ways, including visions. Paul had been preaching and testifying to the Jews about Jesus. Their reaction was so negative that Paul decided to leave and take the message to the Gentiles. In a vision, God told him not to leave town. He stayed on for one and a half years teaching the Word of God with great success.
Most Christians misread people's reactions to our preaching and witnessing for Jesus Christ. When people react negatively against what we are saying, we usually take it personally and walk away, sometimes angrily - before thoroughly seeking God to make sure that we see things through His eyes.  

Disappointed, we vow not to let it happen again and wall ourselves off from vulnerability. This happens often in a church situation where people may have tried going to various churches, but leave at the first hint of conflict - claiming never to have found God. It takes patience to stay and develop relationships, and continue to seek God. We need to learn to see through God's eyes and discern what He is really doing and saying.


Holy Spirit, please give me a vision of what is really happening in my ministry so I won't give up, but will stay to complete it. Amen.

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