GWEA Ministry Report, August 2018

We are thankful for your partnership in our Holy Spirit ministry. We continue to see more and more ministry each year! Because of your faithful contributions, Gordon has the freedom to continue to accept invitations from any Church and/or Ministry in Canada, the US, or from other countries, regardless of their size, and without charging ministry fees. Again, thank you for your generous giving which has been transferred into countless Salvations, Baptisms of the Holy Spirit, deliverances and answers to prayer. Your continued support makes it possible to provide people with Bibles, teaching books and CD’s that help others to grow in relationship with Jesus. This in turn, helps people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit by displaying the promised "signs" that follow - “signs and wonders and various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his own will” (Heb. 2:4). 
This is why we invite you to pray and ask Jesus what contributions you can make to our exciting Holy Spirit ministry. Gordon continues to receive invitations to minister and preach the gospel all around the world. With your continued prayer and financial help, we pray for a "bumper-crop harvest" of people for 2018! Gordon does not charge fees to churches or ministries that invite him, regardless of their size. Like the Apostle Paul, he is led by the Holy Spirit, and asks for love offerings/gifts to allow him to continue to accept invitations anywhere in the world. Please pray and continue to be a “cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7) asking Jesus how you can contribute. Throughout 2018, help us to increase the harvest of people of all ages into the Kingdom of God (Jn. 4:5)

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I recently received an email from one of our house church hosts who live in Kincardine, Ontario. In the email was a picture of a brand new fridge taken by her sister who lives in Kitchener. In the picture was an image of evil spirits (demons) who had invaded their house. They rode in on the fridge as it was being delivered! I contacted her sister and told her the dangers that these evil spirits poised to herself and her family. Then I made a trip to their home and went through each room casting the evil spirits out in the name of Jesus; sending them to the Abyss (Lk. 8:31). Lastly, I blessed the house by inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and fill every room with His Presence. The family is now out of danger, and the house is spiritually clean!
At a meeting in Owen Sound, Ontario, a woman said, “I feel rejected, depressed and lonely. I've been married twice and have three children. My first husband rejected me and left; while my second husband stayed with me for three weeks only to leave and go live with his mother! He preferred his mother over me!” I replied, “Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps God removed them out of your life to protect you from such men?” “No!” she remarked. Then I asked, “Have you ever received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” “No, she sobbed as tears came down her face, "I've asked for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit many times, and I've never received! Even God has rejected me!"
“No, He hasn’t rejected you," I assured her, "Today is the day you're going to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - the proof of God's acceptance and protection!" Can I pray with you right now for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?" I asked. "Yes," she agreed reluctantly. As we prayed, she fell to the floor and spoke in her new tongues language. Her face changed, radiating with the acceptance of God. I gave her the interpretation to her tongues: “My beautiful daughter, you have not been rejected but you have been loved and protected. You are a member of my family, the family of God. You are my beautiful daughter and I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.”
Later on, she came back and asked me what I meant when I said that God had removed both her husbands for her protection. "Probably to protect you from their abuse," I said. She understood. The next night she returned to our meeting with "the peace that surpasses all understanding." Her face beamed joyously as she celebrated what Jesus had done for her. Thank you Jesus!
At the Centro Christiano Del Notre Church in El Salvador where the missionary was Dr. Joseph Castleberry, (President of North West University), a seven year old boy came for prayer. He explained, “I say bad things to my mother and I need Jesus to help me to stop!” I told him that he needed the Holy Spirit to take control of his tongue so that he could speak good and kind things to his mother. He agreed. He prayed along with me to receive the Holy Spirit and fell to the floor speaking in his new Holy Spirit given tongues language (Acts 2:4).
Later, he came back to the altar with his sister to ask Jesus to help her with the same problem also. Like her brother, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fell to the floor speaking in her new Holy Spirit-given tongues language. Both brother and sister were Baptized in the Holy Spirit and in turn, received control over their tongues!
At a meeting in Quito, Ecuador, a teenager (whose brother received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit the night before) came for prayer. He said, “I want to have a closer walk with Jesus so I can be a good soccer player!” "This can only be done if you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speak in a new (tongues) language that he gives you, and then pray daily, following his guidance," I explained. “Yes, I know!” he replied. We prayed together and he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the proof of speaking in tongues with his new Holy Spirit given language. Now the Holy Spirit is able to guide him in everything - including being a better  soccer player!
At our House Church in Beaverton, Ontario, a man came for prayer and asked, “Do I have to fall down when I get prayer?” I replied, “No, but it happens often, and is caused by the Holy Spirit when people receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! Then I asked him, “What would you like to have prayer for?” He replied, “I've  gone to church for most of my life, and I don’t think that I’m saved!” “Would you like to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit where every day as you pray with your new tongues language, you will be reminded of your Salvation?" With great enthusiasm he agreed! We prayed together and he received Jesus as his Saviour and then he fell to the floor (Is. 28:13-14) speaking in his new tongues language (Acts 2:4; Mk. 16:17–18). “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible!” (Matt. 19:26)
“THE JESUS GUARRANTEE” (LK. 11:11–13; MATT. 7:9 –11)
At a meeting at the Prayer Palace in Toronto, a woman in her 30’s explained that she would like to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit. However, she was afraid that another spirit, an evil spirit, might come into her instead. I explained to her that when we ask for the Holy Spirit, we will receive the Holy Spirit - it is Jesus’ guarantee. Jesus said, “What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead give him a serpent; or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him” (Lk.11:11-13). She agreed to prayer and received the Holy Spirit while falling to the floor and speaking in her new tongues language! Amen!
A young man in his thirties said, “Can you give me one good reason why I need to speak in tongues?” “Yes I can give you several reasons," I replied. When you are Baptized in the Holy Spirit, Jesus becomes your Saviour and Lord. He gives you control over your mouth, and you will become His witness, and you are equipped do ministry with the “signs following” (Mk. 16:17–18). “Is that good enough reason?” I remarked. “It’s good enough for me!” he replied. We prayed together and he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit while speaking in his new tongues language! Praise the Lord!
If you, your family and/or friends would like to receive either Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, a Gift of the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance, etc., I invite you come to one of our house meetings or contact me. 
Yours in Jesus,  
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