August 2022
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In response to the recent news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), our prayers are with you and your families, and reach out to those who are ill with this virus and for those who care for them, especially in countries that have been most affected. We also pray for health and the frontline workers as they face their daily tasks. We look to Jesus for His wisdom and guidance, and are following the advice of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Health authorities to adhere to their guidelines relating to pastoral care and public worship to keep everyone, especially the most vulnerable, safe. More detailed information about the coronavirus can be found online on the Government of Canada website: www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/being-prepared.html.
We invite you to join and participate in our HOUSE CHURCHES ONLINE and ONLINE MEETINGS. 
The online meetings are set up in similar fashion to a regular meeting with prayer, worship songs, praise report, sermon and group prayer time with use of the charismatic gifts dispersed through the meeting as the Holy Spirit leads. We have been using SKYPE but just recently moved to the ZOOM platform for ease of use, better video/audio quality and easier access. Just click the meetings links below in the Calendar and follow the instructions. Each meeting is assigned a specific ZOOM link. Click on it at the appropriate time, and it will automatically open up as an app in your browser  (ie. Google Chrome on Windows, Safari on Mac) on your device whether cell phone, tablet or computer. It’s a new and exciting way to continue through this challenging time in ministry by encouraging believers and welcoming new people to our House Church. All are welcome! Ministry at all meetings!
We encourage you to sign up for our online E-Newsletter for upcoming GWEA ministry updates and announcements. House churches that have chosen to have meetings online will be updated on our Online Ministry Calendar below as they become available. Please bookmark this page and share with others!

Now is the time to minister to your spouses, family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc. to let them know that they need not be fearful - there is Salvation, hope, protection, healing, comfort, provision and much more when we are in a personal relationship with our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Let us all unite in prayer for each other, our families, our communities and all our leaders. Let’s also agree in prayer that this virus will come to an end quickly so we can resume meeting in our fellowships to worship the Lord Jesus together. Amen.