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Rev. Gordon Willaims is a Spirit-filled evangelist, pastor, teacher and writer who preaches the full Gospel and who operates in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He has witnessed to many people leading them to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to receive physical, mental, and emotional healing. He also has a deliverance ministry.

He has preached and ministered in churches of all denominations, conducted Camp Meetings and Crusades, preaching Missions, teaching Seminars, and Retreats, and has spoken at Seminaries and Bible Colleges. He has spoken and ministered at many Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (F.G.B.M.F.I.) local chapter meetings, conventions, advances, rallies, and other functions. He has also ministered at many "Christian Business Men's Fellowship" meetings and retreats.

Gordon has also ministered at many Women's Meetings in Churches, as well as, many "Women Aglow" Chapters and retreats. He has been an advisor to both a "Women Aglow" Chapter and an "Area Board of Directors". He has spoken and ministered to Christian Business Women's Club meetings. He also speaks and ministers at youth rallies, banquets, and retreats. His ministry includes a variety of people: youth, singles, married couples, divorced people, those recovering from substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) and others who require healing and help.


In 1973 during his ministry in Brampton, Ontario, Gordon gave leadership in establishing a 24-hour interdenominational counseling ministry which also included the "Telecare Distress Centre" Brampton telephone ministry of which he was the first "Chairman of the Board of Directors".